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Welcome to the website of the iKNOW poster @ISWC_2022!

iKNOW- A Knowledge Graph Management Platform for the Biodiversity Domain

We aim to to build a semantic-based toolbox for KG generation in the biodiversity domain.

The iKNOW project is a joined effort by computer scientists and domain experts from the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research iDiv.

iKNOW focuses on the (semi-)automatic, reproducible transformation of tabular biodiversity data into RDF statements. It also includes provenance tracking to ensure reproducibility and update ability. Further, options for visualization, search, and query are planned. Once established, this platform will be open-source and available to the biodiversity community. Thus, it can significantly contribute to making biodiversity data widely available, easily discoverable, and integrable.

iKNOW Architecture

The following Figure shows the planned architecture of iKNOW in five layers:

Workflow in the KG Creation Scenario at iKNOW

The following Figure shows the planned iKNOW workflow for the KG creation scenario.

After these processes, the generated sub-KG can be used directly. However, one can take further steps such as:


The following figure shows a sample Knowledge Graph for a given data source.

The planned functionalities include


The iKNOW platform is currently under developmentand is distributed under an open-source license in our GitHub page. We use:

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